Software-Defined Networking over Raspberry Pis

Experimental Setup

The activity is designed for MSc program (Communication Networks and Signal Processing) to enhance the on-campus learning experience. The software-defined networking (SDN) testbed will be implemented with only Raspberry Pis as computing and switching device, to validate the concept of SDN. The students are expected to implement the testbed based on a cluster of raspberries Pi microcomputers, including open vSwitch, SDN controller and Network applications. The implemented testbed provides a dynamically configurable SDN platform, which can validate and test the operation of various OpenFlow application and functions. The activities will provide MSc students hand-on experience with SDN emulator, Mininet, SDN controller, and Open vSwitch. The experience will help students to obtain a deep understanding of network protocols, network switching, and the latest SDN networking. The activities will support students’ learning in the following units as a general lab activity:

Principles of Communication Systems: EENGM0033

Networking Protocol Principles (M): EENGM0007

Advanced Networks: EENGM4211

Networked Systems and Applications: EENGM0009

Data Centre Networking: EENGM0008

Online Lab Note

Shuangyi Yan
Shuangyi Yan
Senior Lecturer in High Performance Networking & Optical Network

My research focuses on AI-driven automatic dynamic optical networks with flexible network functions and fast network reconfigurations.