Toward Deployment of ML in Optical Networks, Transfer Learning, Monitoring and Modelling


We present a novel approach for Quality of Transmission estimation using hybrid modelling and transfer-learning. Our method reduces the training data requirement by 80% while obtaining an MSE of 0.27dB. The approach facilitates a streamlined ML life-cycle for data collection, training and deployment.

2020 Asia Communications and Photonics Conference
Paurakh Paudyal
Paurakh Paudyal
Previous Final-Year student (2019~ 2020)

Recent EEE Graduate with First Class Honours. Specialised in Machine Learning and Python programming.

Shuangyi Yan
Shuangyi Yan
Senior Lecturer in High Performance Networking & Optical Network

My research focuses on AI-driven automatic dynamic optical networks with flexible network functions and fast network reconfigurations.

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