SDN-Enabled Sliceable BVT Based on Multicarrier Technology for Multiflow Rate #x002F;Distance and Grid Adaptation


We propose a sliceable bandwidth variable transceiver (S-BVT) architecture suitable for metro/regional elastic networks and highly scalable data center applications. It adopts multicarrier modulation, either OFDM or DMT, and a cost-effective optoelectronic front-end. The high-capacity S-BVT is programmable, adaptive, and reconfigurable by an SDN controller for efficient resource usage, enabling unique granularity, flexibility, and grid adaptation, even in the conventional fixed-grid networks. We experimentally demonstrate its multiple advanced functionalities in a four-node photonic mesh network. This includes SDN-enabled rate/distance adaptive multiflow generation and routing/switching, slice-ability, flexibility, and adaptability for the mitigation of spectrum fragmentation, as well as for a soft migration toward the flexi-grid paradigm.

Journal of Lightwave Technology
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