Demonstration of Adaptive SDN Orchestration: A Real-Time Congestion-Aware Services Provisioning Over OFDM-Based 400G OPS and Flexi-WDM OCS


In this Paper, we experimentally demonstrate highly flexible and intelligent interdomain coordinated actions based on adaptive software-defined networking (SDN) orchestration. An advanced multidomain multitechnology testbed is implemented, which consists of a 400-Gb/s variable capacity optical packet switching domain and a Tb/s-class flexi-grid wavelength division multiplexed optical circuit switching domain. The SDN-controllable transponders and the extended transport applications programming interface enable the congestion-aware provisioning of end-to-end real-time services. At the data plane level, different transponders based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing are employed for inter/intradomain links in order to adaptively provision services with fine granularity. For adaptation, SDN-capable domain-specific optical performance monitors are also introduced. In the control plane, the applications based network operations architecture has been extended and addressed as an adaptive SDN orchestrator.

Journal of Lightwave Technology
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