Experimental Demonstration of Multivendor and Multidomain EON With Data and Control Interoperability Over a Pan-European Test Bed


The operation of multidomain and multivendor EONs can be achieved by interoperable sliceable bandwidth variable transponders (S-BVTs), a GMPLS/BGP-LS-based control plane, and a planning tool. The control plane is extended to include the control of S-BVTs and elastic cross connects, which combine a large port-count fiber-switch (optical backplane) and bandwidth-variable wavelength-selective switches, enabling the end-to-end provisioning and recovery of network services. A multipartner testbed is built to demonstrate and validate the proposed end-to-end architecture. Interoperability among S-BVTs is experimentally tested between different implementations. In this case, transponders are configured using the proposed control plane. The achieved performance with hard-decision and soft-decision FECs using only the information distributed by the control plane is measured against the performance of the single-vendor implementation, where proprietary information is used, demonstrating error-free transmission up to 300 km.

Journal of Lightwave Technology
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